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It always happens. Whether you were sitting alone in deep thoughts, in the shower or even from a dream, we always get ideas. Some of them are so good that we leave the shower with lather still on our bodies till we have penned it down. We think of that idea, and we imagine what we can do with that idea, the amount of revenue it can generate and yes, the things we like to buy with that money. But very often, at the end of the day, we give up on the idea. Sometimes due to forgetfulness, but other times we don’t know how to convert that idea into the business that we desire. Here is how to do it:

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Your customers are the bloodline of your business. They drive sales, increase awareness through recommendations and develop a lifetime commitment with your brand. And you wouldn’t want to lose a single one especially when it reported that the average value of a lost customer is $243! Whether it may be a marketer or sales representative or receptionist that handles your customer’s communication, it must be done right and effectively. Here are some techniques to improve communication with customers: