How to Communicate Better with Your Customers

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Your customers are the bloodline of your business. They drive sales, increase awareness through recommendations and develop a lifetime commitment with your brand. And you wouldn’t want to lose a single one especially when it reported that the average value of a lost customer is $243! Whether it may be a marketer or sales representative or receptionist that handles your customer’s communication, it must be done right and effectively. Here are some techniques to improve communication with customers:

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1. Listen to them: The average customer always feels the representative doesn't understand their plight. This might not always be true, but it can be improved. By building active listening skills, you are much able to understand your customer’s need and attend to them appropriately
2. Be patient: While listening, you want to exercise patience. Most customers are unsure, confused or have a grievance, and it takes time to resolve this. You don’t want to rush an explanation when they don’t understand an offer. It’s tempting to take short cuts when you re stressed out but remember you are their first point contact if business.
3. Use Analogies: An analogy is drawing a comparison between two different subjects to show a similarity in some respect. Analogies explain complex or technical issues quickly.
4. Follow-up: It’s not just okay to solve customer’s needs; you need to follow up on them. Find out if everything is OK a week or two after a sale. Is a customer satisfied? Are there any questions? But don’t overdo it—you don’t want to appear creepy! Ask them for reviews and referrals and don’t forget to work on their negative feedback promptly
5. Emails Newsletter: Emails are still ever active in today’s world, and newsletters keep them informed on your latest offers. You can share promotion updates, special discounts, bonus offers and giveaways easily straight into their inbox.
6. Engage them On Social Media: Social media is a handy tool for engaging customers. Creating Facebook, Twitter and Instagram business handles help them reach you from their accounts. This increases your connection with them which will enhance your customer retention.
7. Analyze the data: At the end of it all, you want to see the degree of responsiveness from each step. You must improve on the step(s) that drives your business more because customer retention is much more effective than customer acquisition!